Laika’s Spout – Game Reviews and Objectionably Sardonic Ramblings.


My name is Jordan Garland and I am a 16-30 year old white male, currently residing in the UK, making me part of probably the most stupid, yet most influential (as ‘the masses’ go) section of our society. That sickens me. I write because I want people to read what i’ve written, there’s no two ways about it really. Well, that’s a lie, others reading is just a by-product really, I genuinely enjoy writing and especially enjoy it when it allows me to belittle and demean with good cause.  Criticism will be gladly received but, more likely than not, disregarded and pushed to the back of my mind where it’ll keep niggling and gnawing until I have some sort of nervous breakdown. Or at least, that’s what my therapist says will happen.

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