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BNP sympathisers and well-placed eggs
June 9, 2009, 8:02 pm
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Unless you’ve been living as a hermit under a rock, on the dark side of one of Saturn’s moons, you’ll be very aware that the BNP obtained their first seats in the European election due to the British public’s increasing apathy towards Europe and voting in general. This was due to a 1.4% vote increase on 2005, this time obtaining a staggering 6.3%. With such a figure, Nick Griffin continues to persist that they are the ‘party of the people’, that is if your idea of a ‘party’ is a swathe is ill-informed idiots, formerly of Neo-Nazi organisations but have realised that is no way to get into mainstream politics, calling themselves ‘patriots’ in order to defend their ridiculous viewpoints. If by ‘people’ you mean the particularly sheepish members in the most isolated and backwards sections of the E demographic, you’d be spot on.

I didn’t write this blog post as an attack on the BNP, which seems to be like spitting into the sea at this moment in time, so instead I’m going to rant about whatever I think of in the next five minutes. Ah yes, the BNP…
Not the party itself, mind. I trust anybody reading this to be fully aware of their shortcomings; I just fancy showcasing what I what call your typical BNP sympathiser. Upon posting the hilarious story of Nick Griffin being harangued and egged by a particularly angry group from Unite Against Fascism onto my Facebook, I was surprised when a 16 year old girl commented rather eloquently with ‘:(  ‘. Naturally I assumed it was a pisstake, I assumed BNP supporters were all fairly large men from 40 and above, who still use the term ‘darkie’.

I was wrong, it eventually spilled over into a full-on Facebook argument about how the BNP are a ridiculous party, aside from the racist tendencies, their policies don’t even make sense.

im sorry but i just find it completly unfair
but tbh i support any right wing group

Tch, I guess it doesn’t matter so long as some minority group is getting their heads kicked in by skinheads, eh?

i think its good people are allowing far right parties to get positions. i just want labour to get demolished.

A protest (would be) voter, interesting… Y’know there are other ways to protest against our current centre-right government than going further right?

nick griffin has a point we need to kick people out of this country who arent supposed to be here and are taking advantage of us i.e foriengers who use us as an easy ride because our government lets anyone into our country.


He HAS a point? I just thought he hated foreigners. Who ‘aren’t supposed to be here’? I’ll try and respond to this without raging my arse off, but… since when do you have the right to determine whether another person is allowed within an arbitrary border? If we want true freedom, this notion is going to have to go to. Just assuming someone doesn’t have ‘the right’ to be in our country because they’re not from this country is totally and utterly fucking inane. More Brits are abusing the benefits system than any of the reported ‘dirty foreigners’, this is exactly the type of argument you’d see on the front of the most ridiculously misinformed tabloid column. I say it’s not a problem because it FUCKING ISN’T.

the bnp arent nazi.

to call anyone a nazi is highly offensive and ignorant.

Apart from, y’know, Nazis. Especially self-proclaimed Nazis. The BNP aren’t Nazis, I didn’t even call them Nazis. I merely used the analogy of Hitler’s rise to power to show that ‘the people’s verdict’ when it comes to voting, isn’t always spot on.

exactly i know, thats why i like right winged groups such as the bnp, im more so a conservative thpugh. i cannot stand low lives that are on benefits and cba to get their arses to to work.

I knew the Tories were centre-right, but this is ridiculous. Honey, I think you’ve got the wrong political party. Do you even know any of their policies? No? Death to the infidels, you say?

how can you criticise peoples opinions
i am entitled to my opinion

Therefore I’m entitled to mine: you’re an absolute and utter fucking cretin.

SO im not criticising your opinion am i
doesnt make you right either im afraid love

You’re right, not that I even claimed that, but you’re right. You’re still a cretin.

actually, you may not have relaised but the country is in a recession and british people who are jobless could use the jobs that foriegners have come in and gladly taken. think of both sides.

You’re not even thinking of your side, you have absolutely no proof. That’s just you regurgitating the same shite the tabloids pump out of their horrible little ducts, on a daily basis.

The bad side? Well, there isn’t really a bad side. Hence why I’m not discussing it.

The recession was caused by a flawed banking system, not by ‘dirty foreigners’.

your all just left winged narrow minded people who have they heads up theyre backsides. goodday.

So us fun-loving liberals, as in those who want equality for all and more freedom, are the ‘narrow-minded’ ones? We’re MORE narrow-minded than the British National Party? Us left-winged liberals? That’s possibly the single best example of irony I have ever seen.

There we have it, my first blog post in ages. I’ve not got a headache and my desire to go and play Far Cry 2 is too great for me to continue. Have fun, children. Actually, I’m feeling like a bit of a cunt. This is her facebook: #mce_temp_url#